Intelligent production processes
NC programs for processing, offset data for tools, tool positions in magazines as well as pallet and loading information are provided centrally in the CERTA process control system based on the order. Time-consuming setup and tooling times are a thing of the past. The utilization of machine tool is optimized and, most importantly, the level of flexibility within the production process is significantly increased.

Automatic identification of workpieces
CERTA provides a fully-automated identification system based on intelligent transponder chip technology (RFID). This involves assigning electrodes to workpiece holders and making them available in the CERTA central process control system. When the workpiece (electrode) is inserted into a magazine, it is immediately recognized in the corresponding magazine position. This data is also provided centrally. Workpieces can therefore be changed correctly and flexibly.

Automated quality measurement
The process for determining the offset data of the electrodes is fully automated at the presetting station. The necessary geometry data, dimensions and tolerances are automatically transferred from all popular CAD systems, such as Solidworks, CATIA, CIMATRON and VISI, to the measuring machine. CERTA supports all leading providers of measuring machines including Brown & Sharpe, DEA, Hexagon, Mykrona, Mitutoyo, Wenzel, Zeiss and, of course, EROWA.

The required measuring points are defined in the CERTA CAD plug-in. If deviations occur in the target/actual comparison during the measuring process, the required process steps are automatically initiated. This may involve remanufacturing or reworking, for example. Depending on the status, the workpiece (electrode) is locked in the CERTA process control system to prevent using a faulty piece.


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