Automation Challenge
National and international competition exerts significant pressure on companies in tool and mold manufacture. Tools and molds must be produced to high quality standards, yet cost-efficiently and in ever decreasing time intervals, in order to remain competitive. Throughout the entire value chain organization, the central CERTA process control system takes on an important role. With increasing software integration and production process automation, the overall system must be highly available.

Dynamic Lifecycle
The software life cycle differs significantly from that of machine tools, where only the initial purchase state is obtained and maintained. Software is dynamic and undergoes continuous development. Bugs are fixed regularly, and new functionalities added. But the central CERTA process control system does not operate as a system in isolation; many potential influencing factors can occur. On the one hand, the operating system on which the process control system runs is updated regularly with patches and service packs. Any change to the operating system can result in potential CERTA system errors. On the other hand, many different machine tool, robot, and measuring equipment controllers, as well as CAD/CAM systems are connected to the CERTA system. All components are also subject to regular software updates, which can have knock-on effects on the central process control system at any time.

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