Development and production at the highest level
TIMM Stahlformenbau shows how it works. With clear expertise for changing production processes, the will to technical adaptation and the associated assurance of its competitiveness in the global market, the company is on par with the “big shots” in the industry when it comes to automation, thanks to CERTA Systems.

Generation change initiated
In 2005 the important step of generation change was initiated at an early stage, as Gerd-Peter Timm gradually handed over the helm into the hands of his son, Mirco, to keep the company also in the second generation on the path to success.

Raising potentials
Measuring the offset data was conducted so far directly on the EDM machine. Every minute that the machine tool was not in active production was wasted, non-productive time. So, it was only more than reasonable to perform the measurement process and the palletizing outside the machine, to have the possibility to increase the machine runtime. At this point, the skilled workers should be freed from monotonous routine tasks to allow room for more value-adding activities.

Fit for the future
Mirco Timm has pressed down the accelerator pedal and implemented important steps of automation. Even an existing machine, which was no longer required, could be sold as a result of the concept. By automation, the company has undertaken a fundamental step towards the future. The automation concept allows TIMM Formenbau theoretically to run its production 24x7. Already today, the machines are running in the evening / during night and during the weekends.

Brand and digitization
TIMM Formenbau has now firmly invested, preparing itself for heading into the digital world of Industry 4.0. But the company is already thinking further ahead. Investment in technology is essential – no doubt. However, the machines also need to be fed with orders. Mirco Timm sees enormous potential in the public presentation of the company. For this reason, TIMM Formenbau will now begin to intensify its initiatives on public presentation outside of manufacturing. Mirco Timm is aware that, to develop new customer potential, the path to his company will run primarily through digital channels such as Google in the future. We will continue watching Mirco Timm and his company on their path with great interest.


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