Werner Seeger and Werner Bacher founded their company in Rohrdorf in 1979 specialising in injection moulding tools. Construction, manufacturing and assembly: nowadays Seeger offers the entire range of services up to the finished injection moulding tool. In addition, the areas of repair and maintenance, as well as classic contract manufacturing play an important role. Customers include the automotive, electrical engineering and medical sector.

From 2010, Werner Seeger was the sole managing director of Seeger Formenbau GmbH. It is then when he took the first steps towards automation: an exeron HSC 300 was acquired and a GF 200 for autonomous wire cutting. In 2012, the company received the quality management standard ISO 9001 certification. Werner Seeger’s son Simon became managing director in 2015.

Change of rod and direction
Simon Seeger further improved his father`s ideas on how production could be automated and economically optimised. He focused on the core processes of electrode milling and the subsequent eroding of the tools.

Competent partners, open-minded workforce
Seeger Formenbau has been working closely and in partnership with EROWA for eight years, and CERTA joined this partnership in 2016. Together, they tackled the next level of automation.

More flexibility and leisure time
When the introduction of automation was complete, the positive attitude of the employees had paid off. They reported on their experiences and exchanged ideas with their colleagues in evaluation interviews.

Higher capacity utilization
In addition to flexibility, productivity has also increased. Seeger Formenbau has therefore increased its capacities by improving machine utilization. Now, the company can accept more orders and largely process them itself within the desired delivery times.

Industry outlook 4.0
Simon Seeger takes a positive view of the current situation in his company: satisfied workforce, optimised capacity utilization - a win-win situation. He is aware that automation should go even further.

The Seeger-machinery

  • exeron HSC 300 und 600: 2

  • exeron EDM 313: 1

  • ZEISS Duramax Messmaschine: 1

  • EROWA Robot System Linear: 1


Feedback from the customer
„The next logical step is to optimise production planning.
We are eager to see what happens next.“



Seeger Formenbau GmbH
Harlachweg 11
D - 72229 Rohrdorf

+49 7452 67140


Simon Seeger
General Manager
Seeger Formenbau GmbH


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