On the journey towards the world of Industry 4.0, we will be experiencing many new technolo-gies for automating processes and increasing productivity. But the intelligent management of tools is demonstrating that there is also great potential today of realising improvements.

High process coverage with quality and precision
The last five decades have seen Gebhardt Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH, founded in 1964 in Baienfurt, grow to one of the leading companies in the precision toolbuilding sector in Germany.

Automation and integration of production
Currently being controlled in production by the CERTA system for milling applications are the DMC 100V 3-axis, and the DMC 105V linear, high-speed machining centres from Deckel Maho, and the Hermle C42 U 5-axis machining centre including RS2 robot cell.

Complex processes in tool management
In the past, the CAM department provided, in addition to the NC program, other important information, such as the tools necessary and the clamping device on the program note – in paper form. From this point on, a process that was time-consuming and above all susceptible to errors started.

Intelligent and automated
Gebhardt decided to optimise the process of tool management and automate it to the great-est level possible. It was a very big step to centrally combine all available tools and holders in the CERTA system, corresponding to a 1:1 copy of the workshop in the CERTA system.

Error-free and productive
The intelligent management of milling tools from CERTA now means the number of poten-tial errors has practically reduced to zero. The overall process for managing the 500 and more available tools has also become considerably quicker.


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