When you meet the owner of CNC Fertigungstechnik e.K. for the first time in his hall, you feel irritated initially. In the middle of the beautiful Thuringian Forest, Roland Müller welcomes you with the deepest Swabian dialect.

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Swabian education
But the secret is quickly revealed - its origin is actually in Baden-Württemberg. He was born in 1954 and learned his trade here thoroughly in the early 1970s.

Start-up in the garage
In addition to technical aspects, the master school also enhanced his business perspective. In the middle of the 1980s, Roland Müller moved into his garage - in order to become self-employed as a contract manufacturer with his first machine. The inevitable happened a good ten years after reunification.

Productive single-unit manufacturer
Roland Müller has always had a good instinct for the business - but also for technology. At an early stage, he relied on EROWA for clamping tools. His machinery continued to grow and he was always open to technical innovations. Thus, his company was always one step ahead in the competition.

Get started or touch down?
In 2016, a possible retirement slowly appeared on the horizon. It was precisely at this point that Roland Müller asked himself whether he should slowly shut down the company and enjoy his retirement, or whether he should start all over again.

Automation as a competitive factor
Roland Müller obtained comprehensive information about possible providers who could support him on this way. For many years, he has been working in partnership with EROWA based on satisfaction and trust.

Seamless and flexible processes
The workpieces to be machined are now prepared outside the line. The order is transferred to the CERTA system using an RFID chip located on the EROWA clamping tool. The workpiece to be machined is then added to the production line via the loading station. The EROWA Robot Dynamic ERD 150 Linear then transports the workpiece to a free magazine place.

Intelligent tool management
An important step forward was also taken in tool management. The intelligent tool management from CERTA ensured a high level of security and transparency throughout the process. The tool data coming from the CAM system is stored directly in the CERTA system and automatically synchronised with the machine.

Man and machine
The new line automation system started operations on time and functionally as required. At this point Roland Müller had expected more difficulties.

Further growth
After just four months, Roland Müller had to increase his capacity once again. A fourth DMG Mori DMU 60 eVo was successfully integrated into the line by EROWA and CERTA.

A look into the future
For Roland Müller these were the right and important steps into the future. With the line automation system, he was able to further increase flexibility and reduce throughput times.


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