In order to control in real-time the production of a batch size of 1 in the Industry 4.0 world, information must flow seamlessly along the entire value-add chain and the processes must be under control. Furthermore, ever greater significance is being attached to production planning. For the transition from Excel-based planning, ALPLA has opted for the professional PlanTool application.

General quotation phase
After a customer has requested ALPLA for a quotation for an injection moulding die, the production times are estimated and commercial costing is performed.

Time-consuming planning
When the order arrived, detailed design of the die started in the Engineering department. As soon as the die design was complete, manufacturing engineering was informed. Planning information was then generated in Excel, that necessitated every time a lot of mental agility and coordination.

Real-time planning
Company management at ALPLA decided in 2016 to optimise the planning processes - to take a key step towards Industry 4.0. It was evident to management that much potential was still being left unexploited, in planning in particular.

Automated and transparent production
The production line at ALPLA currently comprises four exeron EDM 313 eroding machines, an exeron HSC 600 milling machine, two ZEISS CONTURA 3D coordinates measuring machine and a MAFAC washer. The workpieces and tools are stored in five EROWA rack magazines.

Optimised logistics
Internal logistics processes have also been optimised using PlanTool. When materials are delivered, the raw materials are stored directly in internal transport crates.

Industry 4.0 perspectives
The step towards PlanTool was of great significance with a view to the requirements in the world of Industry 4.0.


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