CERTA Systems GmbH is a medium-sized software and process consulting company and a 100% subsidiary of EROWA Gruppe in Büron, Switzerland. While EROWA produces robots, measuring machines and workholding systems, CERTA focuses upon the development of software solutions for process control technology. Our customers usually operate within the tool and mold construction sector. The company, which is headquartered in Cadolzburg, was founded in June 2012 and currently has 53 employees.

At CERTA our solutions and services enable us to support customers with the step-by-step automation of tool and mold construction processes. Together with our partners we can solve a wide variety of problems. Software applications such as CAD/CAM and ERP/PPS, robots, machine tools and measuring machines are integrated, work flows are optimized, and the entire production process is monitored. This is achieved regardless of whether a customer has individual production cells or entire production lines.

Renowned customers such as ALPLA, CNC Müller and MTU have all placed their trust in us.



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